#ROW80 Round 1 2014 Check in #3


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Here are the “FAR” goals I established for this round of ROW80:

F-INISHING works in progress by adding >500 weekly new words, net.

A-DDING >1000 weekly new words to works with 10k words or less to them, and

R-EVISING two works for submission (converting one from adult to new adult and editing one based on feedback.) by tackling at least ONE chapter per week.

Interim results for the week:

FINISHING:  Nothing yet for the week. (500 to go)

ADDING:  Wrote 691 words on my new adult novel. (only another 309 to go)

REVISING: One chapter of MFV revised. (weekly goal met)

Despite being really tired, I cranked out the 691 new words in one sitting on Tuesday night (just before writing this post) and the one chapter of MFV revisions on Monday night. Rather than continue to stare at my computer screen, I logged those wins, logged off my computer and fell like a log on my sofa to read. That’s another purpose of the goals—keeping BIC time from gobbling up too much of my life. So on that note, adieu and goodnight.

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 1 2014 Check in #3

  1. Nice work. I like that you have your hands in several projects which is great. I’ve been meaning to try that sometime, maybe write one novel and edit another.

    • It’s good to have multiple projects as long as you hold that number in check somehow. I have way too many started projects…but then I suppose I have a lot of company in this respect. Thanks for visiting me!

  2. Sounds like you are doing good and making some progress. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the difference between young adult and new adult? I’m guessing it’s something to do with ages — like ‘new adult’ is for people over 18 but under 21? Or is there some other criteria that I’m missing?

    • Young adult typically cuts off around end of high school whereas new adult picks up thereafter (college, first job). But more than the age line, which is not hard and fast, are the situations the characters are in. The more adult they are, the more likely the story is new adult vs. young adult. There tends to be more sex in new adult than young adult and those sexual encounters aren’t you’re coming of age sexual encounters because those can still be done, albeit more rarely and significantly less explicity, in young adult. Hope that helps and doesn’t muddy the waters further. Frankly, I find the line between adult and new adult to be as porous if not more porous than young adult / new adult.

      Thanks for visiting !

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