#ROW80 Round 1 2014 Check in #10


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And another week comes to a close.

Here are the “FAR” goals I established for this round of ROW80:

F-INISHING works in progress by adding >500 weekly new words, net.

A-DDING >1000 weekly new words to works with 10k words or less to them, and

R-EVISING two works for submission (converting one from adult to new adult and editing one based on feedback.) by tackling at least ONE chapter per week.

Here’s what I did so far this week:

FINISHING:  130 words written for Mismatched Irregulars and Seconds. I was a wee bit sluggish here. Been in a bit busy at work and now that the Olympics are on…well…okay, I’m allowing it since I barely watched the Summer Olympics two years ago because I was too caught up in writing. I love the Olympics. This week, this goal had to give a little.  (weekly goal not met)

ADDING:  Wrote a Valentine’s Day short story for a blog hop. Not quite what I originally had in mind for this goal, but it’s a complete story at least and it was started from scratch AND it’s  a continuation of a story begun in a previously published anthology. Word count was 1500. (weekly goal met)

REVISING: 1 chapter edited (weekly goal met)

Thanks to all my visitors and commenters. 🙂

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 1 2014 Check in #10

  1. F.A.R. goals… I like that acronym. It has the ring of looking into the future while being direct and not too overwhelming. And yeah, I suspect a lot of people will be watching the Olympics more than they “planned”. My husband and I were given a night of kid-sitting by his parents so we could enjoy a date… For our nightcap… we watched the women’s figure skating. So, I certainly have nothing critical to say about not meeting that goal.

    • Thanks, Eden. Yeah, I’ve been loving the Olympics, short track speed skating, half-pipe and downhill skiing. I’m not even going to worry about my goals for a bit.

  2. Ditto what Eden said: I like the FAR acronym and idea. And yup, some of my time is going to the Olympics. But they’re a limited time offer, and I hate to miss ’em! Hope your week runs well!

    • Good point, Joe. Thank you for that reminder that they’re a limited time offer. I think I’ll just sit back and enjoy them and give the goals a rest for a week or so then get back on board. 🙂

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