#ROW80 Round 1 2014 Final Check In!


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Here are the “FAR” goals I established for this round of ROW80:

F-INISHING works in progress by adding >500 weekly new words, net.

A-DDING >1000 weekly new words to works with 10k words or less to them, and

R-EVISING two works for submission (converting one from adult to new adult and editing one based on feedback.) by tackling at least ONE chapter per week.

This will be my FINAL check-in for this round. I’ll be taking off Round 2 because I’ll be doing the April Blogging A to Z Challenge. Hopefully I’ll be back for Round 3 though.

But to recap Round 1 in this final post. How did I do and what did I learn?

Well, having that weekly goal did sometimes force me to work on a few things I might not otherwise have chosen. I think that’s probably more of a good thing than a bad thing, especially when it came to working on in-process manuscripts that had a lot of words logged but were stalled. We’ll see if they “stick.”

Working on the new projects? I confess I stretched the definition. I missed my last checkin but I was busy with a new project. I wrote a 10k short story for an anthology submission over the past week. I submitted it last night. (Fingers crossed for me!) However, this is important because it represented the first “The End” I’d written in a while.


Confetti (Photo credit: DuracellDirect)

And then we come to editing. I edited one manuscript enough to submit to Entangled. The good news? They pulled it out the 60 day slush pretty early and actually read it beyond just the query. The bad news? A rejection because they get a ton of paranormal romances and mine wasn’t quite compelling enough to make the cut. C’est la vie. That was my temperature gauge submission—knowing I’d get a quick turnaround—before solidifying my intent to self-publish it. I’m actually a little relieved they passed because it’s book one in a planned trilogy. Self-pubbing means I don’t have to worry about delivering book 2 by anyone’s but my own deadline, nor selling a target number of copies before books 2 and 3 might be published. The other manuscript I was editing? Still working on it.

In summary, I’m pleased with my achievements vs my goals and consider my 80 days significantly more successful than not.

Huge thanks to all my visitors and commenters. 🙂

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