My Reading Queue

Books I’ve Read in 2012:

Romance = 44;  Mystery/Suspense = 2; YA = 13; Urban Fantasy (& SciFi) = 9;  NF = 1

**A top 10 favorite

71. Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead) YA — In Process
**70. What I Did For A Duke (Julie Anne Long) Rom
69. Steal Me (Tina Folsom) Rom (ero)
**68. Bared to You (Sylvia Day) Rom (ero)
**67. Deep Desires (Charlotte Stein) Rom (ero)
66. The Goddess Test (Aimee Carter) YA
65. Seduction and Snacks (Tara Sivec) Rom
64. Dead Over Heels (Charlaine Harris) Mys
63. Perfect Chemistry (Simone Elkeles) YA
62. Jackie and Her Loose Talk (Jorja Lovett) Rom (ero)
61. Onyx (Jennifer Armentrout) YA
60. Anything He Wants (Sara Fawkes) Rom (ero)
59. Gunmetal Magic (Ilona Andrews) UF
58. The Lust Boat (Roz Lee) Rom (ero)
57. Boomerang Bride (Fiona Lowe) Rom (cont)
**56. About Last Night (Ruthie Knox) Rom (cont)
55. Seducing Cinderella (Gina L. Maxwell) Rom
54. The Bride and the Brute (Laurel O’Donnell) Rom (hist)
53. Park and Ride (Alexandra O’Hurley) Rom (ero)
52. Moon Eyes (Marie Medina) Rom (ero)
51. Call of the Sea (Rebecca Hart) Rom (para)
50. Shadows (Jennifer Armentrout) YA
49. Hostile Takeover (Joey W. Hill) Rom (ero)
**48. The Theory of Attraction (Delphine Dryden) Rom
47. Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed (Revised)(Selena Kitt) Rom (ero)
46. A Wild Night’s Bride (Victoria Vane) Rom (hist)
45. The Governess Affair (Courtney Milan) Rom (hist)
44. Lusted in Las Vegas (Sandra Bunino) Rom
43. The Heat of His Kiss (Kastil Eavenshade) Rom (ero)
42. Crash Into You (Roni Loren) Rom (ero)
41. Lusted in Las Vegas (Sandra Bunino) Rom (ero)
40. Daimon (Covenant #0.5) (Jennifer Armentrout) YA
39. Half Blood (Covenant #1) (Jennifer Armentrout) YA
38. The Virgin Who Cried Wolf (Alexandra O’Hurley) Rom (ero)
37. Finding Magic (Stacia Kane) UF
36. The Siren (Tiffany Reisz) Rom (women’s fiction)
35. Tempting the Best Man (J. Lynn) Rom
34. Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire) YA
33. Sheltered (Charlotte Stein) Rom (ero)
32. Under My Skin (Georgia Fox) Rom (ero)
31. Her Best Worst Mistake (Sarah Mayberry) Rom
30. Sara’s Smile (Sandra Bunino) Rom
**29. Want (Stephanie Lawton) YA
28. Insurgent (Veronica Roth) YA
27. Girl’s Guide to (Man)Hunting (Jessica Clare) Rom
26. Tidal Whispers (various) UF
25. Last Rake Standing (Jayne Fresina) Rom
24. The Wagered Wench (Georgia Fox) Rom (ero)
**23. White Horse (Alex Adams) UF
22. Pussy in Boots (Georgia Fox) Rom (ero)
21. A Bolt From the Blue (Georgia Fox) Rom (ero)
20. Clockwork Prince (Cassandra Clare) YA
19. Obsidian (Jennifer Armentrout) YA
18. Mako’s Bounty (Diane Dooley) SciFi
**17. Power Play (Charlotte Stein) Rom
16. Fragrance of Violets (Paula Martin) Rom
15. Fifty Shades Freed (EL James) Rom
**14. Fifty Shades Darker (EL James) Rom
13. Fifty Shades of Grey (EL James) Rom
12. Cinder (Marissa Meyer) YA
11. Oracle (J.C. Martin) Mys
10. The Wolves of Argonne (Kastil Eavenshade) Rom (ero)
9. First Grave on the Right (Darynda Jones) UF
8. Blackmailed by the Beast (Sam Crescent) Rom (ero)
7. Don’t Bite the Messenger (Regan Summers) UF
6. A Touch of Frost (Jocelyn Adams) UF
5. Changeless (Gail Carriger) UF
4. Marooned in Miami (Sandra Bunino) Rom (ero)
3. See Jane Write: A Girl’s Guide to Writing Chick Lit (Sarah Mlynowski)
2. Instinct (J.A. Belfield) Rom (para)
1. Sean Griswold’s Head (Lindsay Leavitt) YA

Books I’ve Read in 2011:

Romance = 25;  Mystery = 2; YA = 11; Urban Fantasy (& SciFi) = 12; NF=2

**A top 10 favorite

52. The Iron King (Julie Kagawa) YA
51. Into the Unknown (Laine, Belfield, Adams) Rom
50. The Good Sinner’s Naughty Nun (Georgia Fox) Rom (Ero)
49. City of Fallen Angels (Cassandra Clare) YA
**48. Bayou Moon (Ilona Andrews) UF
47. Shatter Me (Tahereh Mafi) YA
46. Enraptured (Jayne Fresina) Rom
45. Entangled (Jayne Fresina) Rom
44. Engraved (Jayne Fresina) Rom
43. Lumina (Georgia Fox) Rom (Ero)
42. Intimate Friends (Claire Matthews) Rom
41. Paying Her Debt (Emma Shortt) Rom (Ero)
40. The Glass Man (Jocelyn Adams) Rom (Para)
**39. Silk Is For Seduction (Loretta Chase) Rom
**38. Goliath (Scott Westerfield) YA
37. The Craftsman (Georgia Fox) Rom (Ero)
36. Lola and the Boy Next Door (Stephanie Perkins) YA
35. Magic Slays (Ilona Andrews) UF
34. Hexed (Ilona Andrews) UF
33. Fated Encounter (J.A. Belfield) Rom (Para)
**32. Frozen Stiff (Annalise Ryan) Mys
**31. The Virgin Proxy (Georgia Fox) Rom (Ero)
30. On the Edge (Ilona Andrews) UF
29. Along for the Ride (Sarah Dessen) YA
**28. Divergent (Veronica Roth) YA
27. The Spymaster’s Lady (Joanna Bourne) Rom (Hist)
**26. Just Like Heaven (Julia Quinn) Rom (Hist)
25. Lightness and Dark (J.A. Belfield) Rom (Para)
24. Bossypants (Tina Fey) NF
23. The Ever Knight (Georgia Fox) Rom (Ero)
22. Hounded (Kevin Hearne) UF
21. Beastly (Alex Flinn) YA
20. Shimmerlight (Jill Myles) Rom (Para)
19. Mirrorlight (Jill Myles) Rom (Para)
18. A Lifetime to Find Love (Ava Riley) Rom (Ero)
17. Touched by an Alien (Gini Koch) UF
16. Sinisterotica (various) Rom (Ero)
15. On Writing (Stephen King) NF
14. Bitten (Kelley Armstrong) UF
13. City of Glass (Cassandra Clare) YA
12. Circus of the Damned (Laurell K. Hamillton) UF
11. Matched (Ally Condie) YA
10. Beg Me (Shiloh Walker) Rom (Ero)
**9. Wicked Games (Jill Myles) Rom
8. The Bride Price (Tracey Jackson) Rom (Para)
7. Succubus Blues (Richelle Mead) UF
6. Magic Bleeds (Ilona Andrews) UF
**5. Behemoth (Scott Westerfeld) YA (Steampunk)
**4. Scared Stiff (Annelise Ryan) Mys
3. City of Ashes (Cassandra Clare) YA
2. Magic Strikes (Ilona Andrews) UF
1.  My Fair Succubi (Jill Myles) Rom (Para)

Books I Read in 2010:

Romance = 27;  Mystery = 18; YA = 12; Urban Fantasy = 11

**A top 10 favorite

68. Fallen (Lauren Kate) YA
67. Soulless (Gail Carriger) UF (Steampunk)
**66. Speak (Laurie Halse Anderson) YA
**65. Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins) YA
64. Plus One (Scarlett Parrish) Rom (Ero)
63. Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare) YA (Steampunk)
62. Burning Up (multiple) Rom (para) (Honorable mention for Meljean Brook’s story)
61. Leviathan (Scott Westerfield) YA (Steampunk)
**60. Magic Burns (Ilona Andrews) UF
59. Must Love Hellhounds (multiple) UF
58. Magic Bites (Ilona Andrews) UF
57. City of Bones (Cassandra Clare) YA
56. The Julius House (Charlaine Harris) Mys
55.  The Family Plan (Susan Gable) Rom
54.  Paranormalcy (Kiersten White) YA
53. The Iron Duke (Meljean Brook) Rom (Steampunk)
**52. Working Stiff (Annelise Ryan) Mys
51. Demon from the Dark (Kresley Cole) Rom
**50. The D.U.F.F. (Kody Keplinger) YA
**49. City of Ghosts (Stacia Kane) UF
**48. Unholy Magic (Stacia Kane) UF
47. Unholy Ghosts (Stacia Kane) UF
46. Personal Demons (Stacia Kane) UF
45. Mockingjay (Suzanne Collins) YA
44. Three Nights with a Scoundrel (Tessa Dare) Rom
43. Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (Charlaine Harris) Mys
42. Last Night’s Scandal (Loretta Chase) Rom
41. Immortal In Death (JD Robb) Mys
40. The Laughing Corpse (Laurell Hamilton) UF
39. Glory in Death (JD Robb) Mys
38. A Bone to Pick (Charlaine Harris) Mys
37. A Compromised Lady (Elizabeth Rolls) Rom
36. Guilty Pleasures (Laurell Hamilton) UF
35. Dark Lover (J.R. Ward) Rom (Para)
34. Shakespeare’s Counselor (Charlaine Harris) Mys
33. Shakespeare’s Trollop (Charlaine Harris) Mys
32. Shiver (Maggie Stiefvater) YA
31. His Lady Mistress (Elizabeth Rolls) Rom
30. Saving Grace (Stacey Espino) Rom (Ero)
29. Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins) YA
28. Dead in the Family (Charlaine Harris) UF
**27. Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) YA
**26. Naked in Death (J.D. Robb) Mys
25. Shakespeare’s Christmas (Charlaine Harris) Mys
24. Long Time Coming (Scarlet Parrish) Rom (Ero)
23. Real Murders (Charlaine Harris) Mys
22. Oh So Sensible Secretary (Jessica Hart) Rom
21. Bed of Roses (Nora Roberts) Rom
20. Shakespeare’s Champion (Charlaine Harris) Mys
19. Shakespeare’s Landlord (Charlaine Harris) Mys
18. Not Once But Twice (Betty Neels) Rom
17. Grave Secret (Charlaine Harris) Mys
**16. An Ice Cold Grave (Charlaine Harris) Mys
15. Grave Surprise (Charlaine Harris) Mys
14. Grave Sight (Charlaine Harris) Mys
13. A Secret Rage (Charlaine Harris) Mys
12.  Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang (Kate MacAlister) Rom (Para)
11.  Zen and the Art of Vampires (Kate MacAlister) Rom (Para)
10.  Night Pleasures (Sherrilyn Kenyon) Rom (Para)
9.  Sex and the Single Vampire (Kate MacAlister) Rom (Para)
8.  Succubi Like it Hot (Jill Myles) Rom (Para)
7.  Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (Jill Myles) Rom (Para)
6.  Undead and Unworthy (MaryJanice Davidson) #7 Rom (Para)
5.  Undead and Uneasy (MaryJanice Davidson) #6 Rom (Para)
4.  Undead and Unpopular (MaryJanice Davidson) #5 Rom (Para)
3.  Undead and Unreturnable (MaryJanice Davidson) #4 Rom (Para)
2.  Undead and Unappreciated (MaryJanice Davidson) #3 Rom (Para)
1.  An Arranged Marriage (Jo Beverley) Rom

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  1. I’m amazed at how many more I read these days since I’ve begun writing. Keeping a list also encourages me to read more. My eyes, however, are always larger than my brain can suck in as my to-be-read pile has been growing at a much faster rate than my read pile.

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