Cover Reveal!! Accidental Valentine anthology from Roane Publishing

Check it out!

AccidentalValentine_Cvr (1)

And here are the authors and their stories (in no particular order):

Guiding Hearts by Claire Gillian (Hey! That’s me!)
Better Latte Than Never by Katrina Sizemore
Dream Architect by S.L. Hughson
One Hot Angel by Jaylee Austin
Rock My Bones by Wendy Sparrow

The anthology releases…wait for it…Valentine’s Day?? Good guess, but not. We’re ahead of the curve with a February 13th release date.

Here’s a wee bit about my story, Guiding Hearts:

Is a lonely woman’s GPS sentient or is her subconscious taking her by the hand to help heal a scarred heart?

When Jemma Ernst’s GPS malfunctions and sends her to the home of handsome and engaging Gabriel Nash, she writes it off as a fluke. But she can’t seem to reprogram him out of her thoughts nor her GPS.

And here are the blurbs for the other amazing stories in the anthology:

Better Latte Than Never by Katrina Sizemore

Single and cold on Valentine’s Day, Hailey Merritt is not looking forward to working all day at the coffee shop while everyone around her is cheery with romance and she’s stuck trying to figure out her next step in life.

But, when a special bouquet arrives for her from a secret admirer, she decides to reserve judgment on this holiday and find whomever sent the flowers.

Maybe Cupid has a plan to make this her favorite Valentine’s Day ever.

Dream Architect by S.L. Hughson

Taylor and Sons Custom Design keeps Ashlin Taylor at arm’s length from her dream job. If only she were a son, she could follow her architectural dream. In the Taylor creed, girls get married and boys have careers. Dylan Cutright focuses on finishing college and landing an architectural engineering job in a large firm. Minus emotional ties.

After their accidental encounter, their attraction is amplified during their work interaction.

Unlike her family, Dylan encourages Ashlin to pursue her dream by enrolling in college. He even argues her case with Uncle Mike. All of this support confuses Ashlin because when she moves closer to him, he rebuffs her for reasons she can only speculate about.

Valentine’s Day might be the perfect opportunity for Ashlin to make him notice her. They are working together – alone – on the most romantic day of the year. Dylan builds her dream of career, but will he ever lower his walls and become more than just the man IN her dreams?

One Hot Angel by Jaylee Austin

Oblivious to Tiffany Jenkins in three short weeks her life will end—unless she makes the perfect choice. Will she chose revenge and expose her ex-husband? Or chose love and surrender her heart to the only man who can save her?

Rock My Bones by Wendy Sparrow

Jared has been eyeing the sexy mural painter from inside the museum’s paleontology lab, but she’s way out of his league. He can’t let her paint that obviously misplaced fern, though…even if it means initiating contact.

You could call her a paleontology groupie, but Shay Meyers is interested in a more modern specimen. An adult male Homo Sapien to be exact—one who needs to be dragged out of his lab for a practical course in mating rituals. If she’s lucky, this will be the Valentine’s Day she rocks his bones.


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Bon Voyage to Boss Overboard!

bossoverboardIt’s release day for Boss Overboard! Where’s the champagne?

Available for purchase at these fine booksellers:

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More booksellers will be added later. Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes usually take up to a week.


What’s it about?

An all expenses paid, trans-Atlantic cruise has romance written all over it…unless you’re the poor sap who has to inspect the toilets and time the cafeteria lines. As if secret-shopping her company’s failing cruise ship isn’t bad enough, Lydia Johnson is forced to bring along a “top talent” new hire as her assistant. With a heart barely healed from her ex-fiancé’s deceit, she’s in no mood to train a man who might cheat her out of an overdue promotion.

Paul Thomas may be new to J.P. Theriot Enterprises, but he certainly knows his way around cruise ships. The Cajun charmer also isn’t shy about pursuing his desires, including his wary, but oh-so-sexy-when-she lets-her-hair-down manager. He’s shared more about himself with Lydia than any other woman…except who he really is–J.P. Theriot.


Join me on a 16 day tour, the same duration as the cruise in the novel, as I visit a few very supportive fellow authors.

Sailing Schedule (Check back for updates):BonVoyage

October 22 (RELEASE DAY! Depart New Orleans):
Sandra Bunino
Terri Rochenski
Shout with Emaginette

October 23 (Day 2 — At Sea):
Moira Callahan

October 24 (Day 3 — At Sea):
LD Blakeley
Kastil Eavenshade

October 25: (Day 4 — At Sea)

October 26: (Day 5 — At Sea)
London Saint James
Michaela Rhua

October 27 (Day 6 — At Sea):
Paige Warren
Iyana Jenna

October 28 (Day 7 — At Sea):
Jessica Coulter Smith

October 29 (Day 8 — At Sea):
Stacey Espino

October 30 (Day 9 — At Sea):
Doris O’Connor

October 31 (Day 10 — Ponta Delgada, The Azores)

November 1 (Day 11 — At Sea)

November 2 (Day 12 — At Sea)

November 3 (Day 13 — At Sea)

November 4 (Day 14 — Provence):
SJ Maylee

November 5 (Day 15 — Florence / Pisa):
Donina Lynn

November 6 (Day 16 — Rome):
Elodie Parks

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