My Fair Vampire Query Draft

A work in progress:

Update 2/8/11:

Bad Luck Dori’s luck just got worse. An accidental encounter with a vampire hunter’s bullet leaves her near death and easy prey for the intended target. Now a vampire herself, Dori’s luck hasn’t improved much because she sucks at it, literally. Donovan, her sire—equal parts surly and charismatic—is running out of patience with her. If she doesn’t learn to live independently and under the radar by her one year anniversary, she’ll be staked by her own kind. That’s assuming the Gargoyles, a race of self-appointed mortal protectors, don’t catch and exterminate her first.

When another vampire offers to take Dori off Donovan’s hands, she discovers an unknown chapter to her parentage.  Seems Dori hails from the mythological Phoenix bloodline.  Her unique but bumbling hybrid abilities have made her the darling amongst New Mexico’s supernatural society of vamps, shifters and demi-demons.  She’s even snagged the eye of a sympathetic Gargoyle.

However, not all Dori’s admirers have her best interests at heart and only a few weeks remain to prove herself.  When power plays and politics threaten her freedom, her identity and her life, not even Donovan’s wily manipulations can protect her. To rise from the ashes of her ancestry and assert herself as an independent woman of discretion, Dori will need all the cunning and finesse she can muster.

My Fair Vampire is an urban fantasy with a southwestern flair, complete at 102,000 words.

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