My round 3 goals are:

    1. Get MFV edited and out to beta readers for round 2. (3 chapters / week minimum)
    2. Finish superhero novella and submit (1500 words / week min) ACHIEVED
    3. Edit and rename Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and get out to beta readers.  (3 chapters / week minimum) ACHIEVED
    4. ADDED 8/24:  Edit The PURE (due 9/19, daily/weekly targets per calendar) ACHIEVED
    5. ADDED 8/24:  Write Christmas short story for submission(~3000 words/week) ACHIEVED and SOLD!!

Weekly Progress Stats:

Goal 1:  MFV edits (Removed as a goal)

  • Week ended 7/9/11:  Nothing
  • Week ended 7/16/11:  Nothing
  • Week ended 7/23/11:  Nothing
  • Week ended 7/30/11:  MFV?  What’s that?  Nothing still.
  • Week ended 8/6/11:  Nothing
  • Week ended 8/13/11:  Nothing (why did I bother making this goal?  I think I’ll delete it now because I just don’t see it happening this round)

Goal 2:  Write 1500 words / week for superhero novella & Submit

  • Week ended 7/9/11:  7276 words
  • Week ended 7/16/11:  3425 words (21,648 cumulative)
  • Week ended 7/23/11:  4748 words (26,396 cumulative) & DRAFT 1 IS FINISHED!!
  • Week ended 7/30/11:  First round edits done.  Sent to 3 betas.  Started synopsis and query letter.
  • Week ended 8/6/11:  Three beta readers have read, comments back from all (yay!  Thank you!); Query written and out for critique; Synopsis started; intense editing underway.  A fourth beta reader has graciously offered.  I am blessed. My beta readers are the BEST!!!
  • Week ended 8/13/11:  Some pretty hefty rewrites of the end are behind me now and it’s been sent off to another beta (yay!).  I’ve just started autocritting the chapters (online program).  Let the tedium begin.
  • Week ended 8/20/11:  4th beta reader done.  1.5 read-thru’s of the novella on Kindle while travelling.  Synopsis and blurb drafted.  Nearly ready to go!
  • Week ended 8/27/11:  SUBMITTED 8/23/11!!  This Goal is DONE!!

Goal 3:  Ellen edits

  • Week ended 7/9/11:  Nothing
  • Week ended 7/16/11:  At least 16+ chapters and shipped off to 1 beta reader
  • Week ended 7/23/11:  Shipped to second beta reader
  • Weed ended 7/30/11:  Massive editing resulting from beta #1’s comments.  Cut from 96k to 87k as a result.  Now in hands of 2 more beta readers in its improved version.
  • Week ended 8/6/11:  3 beta reads are back in my hands!! Shipped off to 4th.  Ready to strangle Scrivener program.
  • Week ended 8/13/11:  Getting feedback from the 4th beta.  Part 1 really needs a lot of work but part 2 seems to be faring ok.  This is a common thread with all the beta readers so far and what I already knew was the weak spot.  More gutting to come.
  • Week ended 8/20/11:  Nothing but I think I will enter this in Amazon’s Breakthru Novel competition.
  • Week ended 8/27/11:  This goal is complete for now.

Goal 4: Edit The PURE

  • Week ended 8/27/11:  Zapped over 100 extraneous words using the search feature of Word.  Still have about 10 chapters to go for my most egregiously overused word.
  • Week ended 9/3/11:  Edited 14 chapters!! 27 to go.
  • Week ended 9/10/11:  Edited 18 chapters, 12 to go.
  • Week ended 9/17/11:  Edited 12 chapters, all done except Kindle read (5 chapters to go) and comma check.
  • Final period ended 9/22/11: Manuscript submitted 9/19 at 9:30 PM!! This goal is done!

Goal 5: Write Christmas short story

  • Week ended 8/27/11: Wrote about 1000 words, but as of Sunday, count is just over 6000
  • Week ended 9/3/11:  Well blow me down!  Finished and submitted on 8/28 and got an acceptance 8/31!!  Woot woot.  I’m in the anthology!!  THIS GOAL IS DONE!!

14 thoughts on “ROW80-3

  1. Hi Clare 🙂 Just joined ROW 80 round 3. Pleased to see a familiar face. You might know me as Chloe Anna 🙂
    I’ll be dropping by to offer my support 🙂 Good luck 🙂

  2. Welcome to Row 80! You’ve set some great goals and I’m looking foward to watching your progress…not in a creepy way though. Best of luck!

    I’m curious, how many beta readers to you have?

    • Thanks Tiffany. I have 3 really regular ones who are kind enough to read no matter the genre. Then I have 1-2 genre specific ones I can nag call upon. It’s tit for tat. They read for me and I read for them. I’ve also sent to a few friends and family but they don’t always read or get back to me so I don’t set any expectations. If they read and like it, great. If not, no big deal.

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