Blogging A to Z: “D” is for Drabble

D is for _______________

D is for _______________ (Photo credit: Chiot's Run)

A drabble is a short story of no more than one hundred words.

A Word With You Press is running a contest right now, the first part of which is a drabble. So…I thought I’d use that as my prompt. The entry deadline is April 5th, tomorrow, but since I’m out of town, this is just for fun and not something I’d submit.

In exactly 100 words, tell us some experience from the point of view of a waiter or waitress, serving a customer.  Somewhere in your story, insert the words “Check, please”.

D is also for:

Diss of the Doo-doo-headed Diner

None have mastered the art of the subtle insult better than the British as I learned in the summer of ‘82.

I had secured a job in an American-themed restaurant in London where separating smokers from non-smokers was still a novel concept.

When a man and his giggly date arrived for a late luncheon, I asked, “Smoking or non-smoking?”

The man pointedly surveyed the nearly empty restaurant, and with a smirk at me and a wink at his girl said, “I’ll take the farting section.”

“Certainly, sir.”

I led them to the table next to the bathrooms. Check please…and mate!


Some memories you NEVER forget! I really do love the British though, am a total Anglophile, but every country has its warts.

Thank you to all who’ve visited me so far! I’m falling way behind visiting YOUR blogs, being on vacation, but I promise to do some major catching up when I return Easter weekend.

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Twelve (12) days until my debut novel, The P.U.R.E. releases!