July 2013 Issue of BTS Book Reviews is now OUT!

Woo-hoo! You’re gonna want to read this one with its focus on heroes–in books, movies, and in the flesh. Check out the hunky romance cover male model centerfolds in every issue beginning with this one until “Mr BTS” is crowned for the May 2014 issue!

My column, Second Chance Cinema, is on p. 108.



BTS eMagazine for June 2013 is OUT and has had a facelift!

Wow…this month’s ezine is GORGEOUS!! It’s been given a bit of a facelift and WOW! Can’t say that enough times.

Check out my column, Second Chance Cinema (page 87) and a review of my latest release, Purely Relative, (page 22) in this issue. My sista from another mista, Sandra Bunino as has a regular column, “Chic Trends in Romance”.