Aaaaannd we’re off!! National Novel Writing Month 2013 begins November 1

2013-Participant-Facebook-CoverThis is my fifth year to participate in NaNoWriMo! Am i prepared? Not really. Am I confident? I wasn’t until this morning. Until then I had no idea what I planned to write. I knew what I “should” write and if all goes well I will do that too.

Story ideas are like falling autumn leaves–beautiful to watch as they spin a meandering path to the ground, but hell to catch. I watched a beautiful one float down this morning as I showered. It moved so slowly, I think I might have caught it! We’ll see! Working title is: “Mismatched Irregulars and Seconds” and the brief description I posted at the NaNo site is:

Griffin, a socially inept “nice guy”, is a match-making agency’s worst nightmare. As  members near the ends of their contracts, they are transferred to the “Outlet”, a division of last ditch commando love gurus. Lucy has never failed to match a client…but Griffin might just be the one to break her record.

Alternatively, I’m kind of stoked to maybe, finally, finish Sins of Our Mothers. For the first time since I started it in 2010, I actually let someone read a few chapters. My toe-dipping beta reader gave me the most encouraging feedback. I want to finish Sins. I think I may be skilled enough, finally, to do it justice.

I hope so.

In the meantime, here’s a few NaNo graphics. The word counts auto-update as I log in my word count at the NaNo site:

Green means I hit my min daily quota, red means I missed it.