Boss Overboard–a new romance title coming in October 2014! #nanowrimo

Remember that cruise ship romance I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2012? I’m happy to announce that I just contracted with Evernight (the publisher my alter-ego Lila Shaw has used for most of her books) to release it under the title of Boss Overboard! Woo-hoo! The contract says release will be in October sometime. Awesome!

Thanks to all the Pens sisters for helping me end the agonizing over the proper title for this novel, which had previously been working titled: Cruise Ship Mistress and His Acadian Lady.

Here’s what it’s about (in case you missed the nine hundred other posts while it was in process):

An all expenses paid, trans-Atlantic cruise aboard the Acadian Lady has romance written all over it…unless you’re the poor sap who has to inspect the toilets and time the cafeteria lines.

When Lydia Johnson, operations manager for J. P. Theriot Enterprises, is tapped to do a staff-level task, she’s not buying that it’s because the head of the company only wants “the best”. If that were the case, why would she also be saddled with an untrained assistant? She should be moving up the corporate ladder, not slumming with new hires doing entry level quality control audits for a floundering cruise ship.

Paul Thomas may be brand new to secret shopping, but he certainly knows his way around the ship and especially its casino. He’s also not the least bit shy about expressing his frank appreciation for his ambitious manager. The Cajun charmer is tempting to Lydia’s self-control, but she won’t make the mistake of mixing business with pleasure, especially not with a heart barely healed from her ex-fiance’s deceit.

One thing is for certain:  Paul has never given up on anything he wants and what he wants now is the woman who knows more about him than any other … except who he really is–J.P. Theriot.

Once upon a time I considered self-publishing this one, but since I changed my mind, I guess I won’t be needing this anymore. I still like it though. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll reuse the graphic in the days ahead.

Mid-Week Tease–“Mock Dates and Rocky Horror Props”

Mid Week Tease ButtonHere’s a little banter between the two main characters, Lucy and Griffin in my in-process NaNo novel called Mismatched Irregulars and Seconds. It’s very rough first draft material so be kind.

MismatchedIrregulars“Listen,” I began. “I think we should go on a mock date.”

“A mock date?”

“Yes. You and me. Not a real date, not a romantic date, of course, but a training opportunity for you to get some behind the wheel experience without the crash and burn risk.”

He laughed. “Do you come with an air bag?”

A smile worked its way out. He could totally be salvaged and I was going to be the one to do it. “See? That’s kind of funny. You  have the raw material, Griffin, you just need to learn to relax. Are you relaxed talking to me on the phone?”

“Yes. But you’re my coach. You’re safe.”

“All women are safe. Just imagine us in our underwear, you know like you do when you’re about to give a speech?”

“I’ve never given a speech.”

“Never? How can that be?”

I can hear his shrug through the phone. “Luck?”

“That might be part of the issue. You have performance anxiety.” I twisted the phone cord around my finger smiling, wondering if he’d take my slightly suggestive bait. Did he even have an innuendo radar?

“I might have a list of issues as long as your arm, but that’s not one of them.”

“Dating is a performance.”

“Dating is selling. It’s not the actual performance.”

“There won’t be any performing if you don’t sell any tickets.”

“Maybe I’m an underground cult phenomenon.” I detected a smile in his voice. Were we flirting? This was good if we were, if it was intentional on Griffin’s part, that is.

“You mean like the Rocky Horror Picture Show?” I freed my finger from the cord and rewrapped it.

“Yes, only without the props.”

That was definitely flirting. He had to be smiling. If he wasn’t smiling, I’d be worried. Maybe I’d ask him. Later.
“Do you like props, Griffin?” Ha! And she serves her kill shot!

“I have been known to engage a prop or two.”

Just passed the 50% mark (>25,000 words) for NaNo. Not sure how long this story will be but I’m shooting for around the 50k range so I hope to finish the first draft during NaNo. More from this story in the weeks ahead!!

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