#SixSunday — Cruising for Love

Welcome to “Six Sentence Sunday”. I’m back from my break for NaNoWriMo with another fresh six. Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you might feel inclined to offer.

Today’s six comes from my still in process NaNo cruise ship romance, title to be determined, but if you read my blog you know I’ve been calling it “Cruise Ship Mistress”. That won’t be the title because the book has not sailed that route at all.

In this six, our hero, Paul is in hot pursuit of Lydia. She thinks she’s his boss. He knows he’s hers. They are secret shoppers who can’t seem to agree on what their cover story is but the cement is hardening on them posing as newlyweds.

Pacific Princess, aka "The Love ...

Pacific Princess, aka “The Love Boat” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She gazed up at him with those conflicted eyes of hers, almost an Irish green in hue. “Because it’s not professional, and we’re here to do a job not hook up!” The last few words she spat out from between clenched teeth, her tone dropped to an intimate level.

“This is so ironic, you know. Everyone on this ship already thinks we’re hooking up, but we can’t because you don’t want to look unprofessional. Did you forget the part that looking overly professional runs counter to being a good secret shopper.”

He does have a point, albeit a lame one, but so does she. Tsk, tsk…oh what a tangled web we weave.

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