#SixSentence — The Sweetest Song

Homer welcome sign.

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This six comes from a love story I’m currently working on (just finished first draft last night!) about a siren named Circe who’s down to her last chance to shipwreck a halibut fishing vessel in the frigid waters near Homer, Alaska. Think Deadliest Catch meets The Odyssey.

The story is told from the alternating points of view of Circe and Otis, the wily captain of the Calypso.

As a lead in, Circe has decided to stalk Captain Otis to figure out why he’s been able to withstand her siren’s song.  When they meet, not only does he not recognize Circe, but he flirts with her and asks her out for coffee at the Lotus Eater’s Cafe. Unable to speak for fear of betraying her otherworldly voice, Circe uses sign language.  When Otis is able to understand and sign back, she discovers the root of her problem—her handsome nemesis is deaf.

Source: TheGucciSlut

A warmth originating where they touched snaked up her arm and pooled in her heart, her lungs, her belly, before trickling into her other limbs.

When he finally released her hand it was to ask, “What do you do, Circe who wrestles unsuspecting book racks in public libraries?”

A wicked twist of her lips had her signing, “I’m a singer.”

Otis laughed, showing his teeth, perfectly straight and white.  Beautiful.  The sound of his laughter, though closer to the barking of a seal than a hearing human, tugged the edges of her mouth into a broader smile.

Aww, sweet, or has Circe’s discovery given her the upper hand?

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