Blogging A to Z: “S” is for ???

Well, S was supposed to be for SHIPMENT, as in shipment of paperback copies of my book, but alas, they did not arrive in time for me to take a snapshot. Instead, S is for Shameless Self-promotion, a last minute impromptu post.

As readership wanes in the last days of Blogging A to Z, I’m more willing to post this stupid video I made on my Mac with the templates that came with my iMovie program and the Mac’s built in camera.

I must explain a little first. I’m not a huge fan of vlogging or video blogging. No offense to those who make and love to watch them, I’m just not one of those people. If the maker doesn’t know what she needs to say before the camera rolls and she doesn’t edit, it’s not cute or funny or interesting. It’s a home movie your best friend shows of her kid’s dance recital shot from fifty rows away where the microphone picks up all the noises not from the stage but from the audience….and it’s the entire recital not just her little princess’s number.

One day I said, “Enough!” and that’s why I made this, a video that has been on my bio page for eons but only a small handful of people have been brave enough to click it. Remember, this is intended to be a parody because I really do make a fool of myself in it.

Click me or just keep cruising and pretend you never noticed this link.

I did tell you I was silly.


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