Farewell, Ayla… :(

I put my beloved Siamese cat to sleep today. She was almost 18 years old but after about a week and a half of bloody urine everywhere but in her box, twice daily oral antibiotics and finally her loss of bladder control this morning, I took her to the vet one final time. She started having seizures in the office and the vet and I decided to put her down immediately. I’m so glad he didn’t try to pressure me into a $250 hospital stay and then a multi-million dollar treatment plan. I had to go through that when I had my 18 yr old Maya put down last summer. It’s both sad and comforting to euthanize a pet. Sad that the value of a pet’s life is so much less than the value of a human’s but comforting to know that she didn’t have to suffer any more. I kissed her goodbye tonight and told her it was almost over and she purred…one last time.