Why do men think women’s ideas sound better in a bass voice?

I’m good enough; I’m smart enough and gosh darn it people like me…so why can’t I get any respect! How many times have you had your previously dismissed idea restated by a male co-worker to glowing reviews? How many times have you had serious business conversation ended mid-stream by your boss saying, “Oh it’s time for you to go pick up your kids, now get along little doggie.” (OK, I’m exaggerating a little bit.)

I’m at a crossroads here trying to determine if my efforts are well spent fighting this type of irritation and sexism or if they are better spent finding ways around the “system”. And if the latter, what are those ways without resorting to blatant use of sex appeal, which is in short supply in my arsenal? Sometimes, it seems like the brighter I shine my light, the more I am distanced from the recognition I need. Oh, bleh, this is such a whiny topic, what’s else is there to talk about?

I’ve been listening to Josh Groban’s “Remember” from the Troy movie soundtrack ad nauseum. How does such an average looking guy (sorry Josh) have such an extraordinary voice? I love a baritone with a great vibrato and he’s all that. Man oh man, put that voice in Eric Bana, and you’d have a Hector worthy of some serious swooning.

My veterinarian sent us a bouquet of flowers in deepest sympathy for our loss of beloved Ayla. While very sweet, part of me thinks it’s also vet code for “the deed is done” as I didn’t stay for the euthanasia last night, not wanting to prolong the misery. I’ll bet he’s regretting having made us wait for 40 minutes while he took other “more serious cases” before tending to my lovely girl, even though we were there first. She was on the verge of having seizures by the time he finally came to see us and then he spent his first few minutes reviewing her file and talking about her overactive thyroid. By that time the thyroid was the least of her worries. When she keeled over, he changed gears really fast and was the paragon of sympathetic physician. Alas, I feel a tad bitter about this but then I also realize that he’s got gazillions of patients and it’s probably a miracle if he remembers the pets he sees from one day to the next.

The only bright spot is that our lone remaining cat is now permitted to come indoors and hang out and sleep with the family at will. He’s always had better potty habits than his older sisters did. I look forward to a warm kitty sleeping by my legs again.

I wonder how much a full time chef costs? At this moment in time, I’d pay dearly for one as I have zero interest in making dinner tonight.

My youngest son got 3 stitches in his lip yesterday after falling head first from his chair against a desk and then on to the floor. No, he’s not retarded but I think he now realizes the dangers of pulling his arms and legs inside his shirt and doing his humpty dumpty imitation.