My name isn’t Babs nor am I a Barbra Streisand fan…

Just a brief explanation of my “Babs” moniker. When my husband and I first married, we were “Babe” this and “Babe” that til one day I decided I was tired of that old trite term of endearment. So I dropped the silent “e” and added an “s” and “Babs” was born. He was “Babs” and so was I and it has stuck for some 12 years now. Mind you, this is NOT a nickname that any self-respecting male would want to be called in public and my dear husband is no exception. I just don’t know what we’ll do though if and when we finally get to appear on The Amazing Race.


Babs, look at the map!!


I told you not to call me that, Phil is watching!


OK…Mr Babs! Let’s go.