I’m done winging it…

Winging it means writing by the seat of your pants, letting the words flow from head to pen (or keyboard), meandering without a roadmap.  Sure you have a final destination in mind but when you wing it you’re more than willing to make side trips to see what there might be of value there.  If in the course of your exploration, you find a better destination, so be it.  Well, I’m done with that.  My writing ends up being this ugly patchwork quilt made from scraps instead of something the Amish would be honored to claim.

I am now a planner, a plotter, a strategist–in my head anyway, as I’ve not yet fully implemented my epiphany.  But I’ve started and it feels good.  NaNoWriMo, watch out because come 11/1, I will have my road map in my hand as well as my compass.  My destination will be in sight and I will get there.

Then, after 11/30, if I feel like taking a few side trips, always backtracking to my main route, however, I will allow that frivolous and possibly serendipitous use of my time.

I sound all Lord and Master-like.  But a lack of a plan is a plan to fail and I’m tired of failing at this.  Now I just need to finish getting all my CPE hours in before 11/1 so I won’t have that hanging over my head anymore.  Argh.


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