At 10:05 PM Pacific on November 17, 2009, I delivered a bouncy baby novel, weighing in at 50,019 words.  She’s mighty ugly like all babies are but hopefully she’ll grow into a beauty one day.  But she’ll always be beautiful to her proud Mama.

First NaNo, first win.  And I even used an outline that I stuck to.  Last night as I was padding and fluffing and sweating profusely trying to lean for that tape at the finish line, I started a new chapter and as I wrote it, I remembered, “Wait a minute, this was in my outline!  Why am I just now adding it as fluff?”  Head on desk moment but at least I realized my gaffe and fixed it, even if it was serendipitously found.

Many thanks to the wonderful people at Absolute Write who offered oodles of encouragement and especially Parametric who kicked my butt and spurred me to move at a much faster pace than I might otherwise have done.  I think she beat me by two days, finishing her NaNo on her 21st birthday.  Well, all I can do to top that is say that I finished mine the day BEFORE my birthday.  Nanner-nanner.

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