Teaser Friday 1

I’ve learned the hard way that starting a novel usually means I write like crazy fleshing out some wonderful new character, fall in love with her, only to be told it’s boring infodump.  Slash and burn time.  All those lovely character building words down the toilet.  Ouch.  While I understand the need to start a story off where the story truly begins, I like to understand and read about characters too.  What’s the compromise?  I’ve created an infodump space.

For this first Teaser Friday for My Fair Vampire, I’m directing you to an ancillary blog I created for my heroine.  There she will tell you more about herself, provide more of her back story and share anecdotal side tales as the main story progresses.  Each time she makes a new post in her journal, I’ll post a link here.

Here is her first diary entry.

Here is her second diary entry.

2 thoughts on “Teaser Friday 1

  1. Love Dori’s voice :-))

    I do the same thing – though I write entries by hand in my writing journal. I have had dialogues with my characters, but more often just their journal entries. Love doing it.

    • Thanks so much, Dolly! I hope your blog has a very happy “birthday” today with lots of hits and comments.

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