New Teaser — My Fair Vampire

Since I said I was done, then realized I wasn’t, I thought I’d post a new teaser in penance.

If you read one of the first teasers, you know Dori was given a year to learn the skills necessary to be self-sufficient without drawing undue attention.  Her time’s now up.  In this snippet, she’s meeting the various Council members before her hearing begins.  It’s not going at all how she expected as the President of the Council, Lyle Bainsbridge, plays host for a bit:

“Please, call me Lyle.”  I smiled.  He smiled.  Donovan smiled, but the corner of his mouth trembled from the effort.  “And let me introduce you around.  Donovan, I think you can stop hovering for a bit.  She’ll be okay with me.  I promise.”  He followed his statement with a wink, but Donovan continued to exude tightly coiled tension. Continue reading

AW June Blog Chain–Dori Callahan Revealed

June’s Blog Chain is about presenting a scene that defines your main character’s attitude.  I was preceded by my wonderful writing buddy Aimee Laine and will be followed by Lyra Jean.  The other chain participants are listed at the end of my post.

I’ve selected a scene from my current WIP, My Fair Vampire, between Dori (a paranormal Eliza Doolittle) and her maker, Donovan (a paranormal Henry Higgins). The pair have a love-hate relationship. This scene occurs after Dori admits to rendezvousing with a sympathetic vampire slayer.  She has also begun to assert herself more with Donovan as her skills have improved. It’s a little long and early draftish; sorry. Continue reading