Visual Arts Junction Contest Win

I actually won a writing contest–Hushed Recall Flash Fiction–a nice boost after being cut from the Cup of Comfort for Couples book in the final round.  Check it out here at Visual Arts Junction.

One of my prizes was a copy of the photo used to inspire the 550 word story (see link).  I learned of my win while on vacation and emailed my address while on the ship (at 55 cents per minute internet rate, I might add…eek!).  The photo was waiting for me when I got home today.  I really love it.

Hubby saw it and said, “You had to write a story based only on that?  More power to ya.”  He’s obviously not a writer because I routinely write flash fiction based on a single word, speaking of which, I’ve really been missing my Sunday night AW flash fiction.  Hopefully, I won’t be too tired after a ten hour flight followed by a three hour drive to jump back in tonight.

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