Gayle Lindley’s vindication

To anyone who’s read my novel The PURE and to those agents and contest judges who scoffed at the MC, Gayle Lindley’s life as a new hire in a big public accounting firm–watch this!  Warning:  there is some strong language.

I don’t even know where to begin.  I think I’ve lived every friggin word of the transcript for this (though the McDonald’s diet coke was a new one).

3 thoughts on “Gayle Lindley’s vindication

  1. I know! The diet coke part had me howling. I went to the website and made one for the manager who runs the job developer unit (they look for jobs for injured workers). Voc counselor says: I need ten jobs in an hour with 75% wage replacement minimum, and it deteriorates into further foolishness from there. Fun site. I’ll be making one for my blog soon, maybe one of my funny scenes.

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