Mills & Boon (Harlequin) New Voices Contest

I’ve entered Mills & Boon’s New Voices contest by posting chapter one of All’s Fair in Love and War at their site.  I would appreciate a look-see.  Chapter one of the contest is judged by professionals from the industry, but the entries are available for the public to read, rate and comment upon (registration required).  Semi-finalists and Finalists will have a popular element to scoring.

My entry is here:  All’s Fair in Love and War in the “Warm and Cosy” category because it’s a humorous workplace romance.

Note:  If you vote, you get ONE CLICK of your mouse on the scoring continuum and one click only so position your cursor at the far right side of the 5th rose (hint, hint, no pressure or anything LOL) to give a full 5.0 roses score.  If you click in the middle or left side of a rose, it will only count the first half of the rose.


I'm dying to know what you think?

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