NaNoWriMo Warmup Drabble #2

Prison Cell

Image by Still Burning via Flickr

Today’s prompt for my drabble is:

“What if you’re going to write a story about infidelity with a female paramedic as the main character and a pair of boots as the key object?  Set your story in a prison cell.”

My little mind had to work overtime to come up with 100 words (exactly) of concise genius to meet this challenge.

Eva’s steel-toed paramedic boots echoed as she followed the guard down the tiled hallway to the prisoner holding area.

“Well if it ain’t my lovely wife.”

“Why Stan?  Why would you kill your best friend?”

Stan moved closer to the bars that separated them and pointed at Eva’s footwear.  “Manny’s wife will want to bury her husband in those.”

Eva’s eyes widened as she sat down and removed her right boot.  The name inside was not her own but that of her co-worker, Manfried O’Toole.

“I can explain…”

“Manny already did when I asked him why he was wearing yours.”

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    • Aww thanks. You have no idea how much I sweat trying to get all the stupid elements in there and how many times the story changed. I think I wrote probably 500 words that got zapped into the cornfield. These were supposed to be quick!!

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