NaNoWriMo Warmup Drabble #3

“Come up with 10 good reasons you shouldn’t write your life story.”

Not fictional fodder, but blame that on the prompt.  The numerals aren’t included in the word count for you purists.  Here goes:

1.  I haven’t done anything worthy of taking the time to jot it down.

2.  I’m a late bloomer; the good stuff always comes later in life for me than for the average bear. Check back in a decade .

3.  Those who would buy it probably already know most of the juicy bits.

4.  Those who would buy it probably shouldn’t know the remaining juicy bits.

5.  I’m not a huge risk taker.

6.  I’m not rich.

7.  I’ve never preserved a sex tape.

8.  I’ve never murdered anyone.

9.  I’ve never made a viral YouTube video.

10.  I’d much rather write fiction that includes all of the above.

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