NaNoWriMo Warmup Drabble #4


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And here’s another reason why this creative writing website I found for my drabble prompts is so unpredictable but fun.  Today’s topic, #302, certainly walks on the weird side:

“Write from the point of view of a spoon inside the dishwasher.”

Some spa this is.  I’ve been sitting in my own stink for days, don’t even want to think about the butcher knife three slots over.  Dude’s probably teeming with E Coli or worse by now. 

Hold the phone, is that a teaspoon next door?

“Well hey there, Darlin’.  Lookin’ good and I’m guessing you’re mighty sweet too.  You been dippin’ in the chocolate mousse, ice cream or sugar bowl?”

Friggin’ glassware think they’re so high and mighty. “Pipe down up there!  Cutlery seduction in process!” 

“As I was saying, once you’ve been with a Tablespoon, you’ll never nestle with another.”

Ba-dum-dum. Hey! I only had a hundred words!

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