NaNo week #4 snippet

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Last NaNo snippet for a while, though I’m still busy writing the first draft.  After hitting my 50k word goal for NaNo, I’ve kicked back a bit, but will resume shortly.



Neely slipped into the bathroom with her purchase tucked inside her jacket.  She flipped the lock and opened the box.  The instructions swam before her eyes and she had to read them three times before their meaning sank in.

And then she waited.  Shower running, she waited for the path the rest of her life would take.  Two lines made her decisions more immediate, one line gave her time to evaluate options. 

How could it have happened?  She ran through her sexual encounters and could remember none that had been near misses…at least at the time.  Two lines meant one of them hadn’t been a miss but a strike.  One line meant she had more chances.  Two lines meant her old life was officially dead, her future wounded and with a permanent limp.

She checked her watch.  One line had formed, strong and definitive.  That meant the test was working and would yield a reliable outcome.

She checked her watch again.  A second line began to emerge parallel to the first.  Its edges were faint as if it had put up a mighty struggle to emerge.  Once the white had been breached, however, the line filled in quickly, and soon had darkened more than the original line.

“Shit.”  Pregnant.  She was pregnant.  God had it in for her, he had to after all she’d been through.  She started doing the math, tried to recall the date of her last period.  Damn.  Why didn’t she ever write this shit down?  She swore she would if only this could be a false alarm.

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  1. I I know this scene intimately. A life changing experience. makes powerful reading.

    Did you get round to checking out ch 1 of my YA fantasy Lethal Inheritance yet? It’s on my blog.

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