Merry Christmas! (in which I revert to a childlike state exclaiming over gifts)

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…or Happy Holidays, take your pick.  I’m a Christian so I celebrate the birth of Jesus…and the joy of gift-giving (and the greed of capitalism), be it in tangible or intangible form, expensive or not.

My kids are happily playing with toys and investigating new gadgets.  Hubs is watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and setting up an awesome television sound system we received from a very generous family member.  I’m here at my computer, my new Kindle charging away now that I’ve registered it, transferred my in-process read (lost my place though), set up my WiFi on the home network, checked out my blog on the Kindle and generally drooled all over the thing.  I didn’t need a new, generation 3 Kindle but I sure wanted one to upgrade my gen 2 model.  It’s sleeker and smaller.  I miss my little joystick but I’m sure I’ll get used to the buttons that replaced it.  I also kind of miss the larger page forward and backward buttons, but again, a minor adjustment.  Now, I need a new cover.  Guess that’ll be my gift to myself.

I plan to let my sons use my old one.  Hopefully they’ll read more because of it.  I know I have.  That would be an even nicer Christmas gift for me (and them.)

The gift of reading is a precious one indeed, which is why I was also giddy to wake up to a nice email from Goodreads telling me I’d won a “first read” of Jill Myles’ upcoming release, My Fair Succubi.  This is a book I had already planned on buying and reading on or after its release date at the end of this month.

We have a rare bit of sunshine, so I think I’ll attempt to make Hubs some divinity.  Cross your fingers that I’m able to give the gift of culinary decadence in addition to my traditional homemade yeast rolls made from my mother’s tried and true recipe, one of her evergreen gifts to me.

Merry Christmas to all!