Fun with Picnik–Createspace covers

I’ve been making novel covers for my free Createspace proof I’ll get as a result of my 2010 NaNoWriMo win.  I love what I was able to do with some free web images and Picnik.  Not my NaNo novel, but closest to being completed is this:

And for my 2010 NaNo novel:

And for a YA steampunk novel I haven’t even written yet (ha!):

Ain’t they purty.  I’m going to have mega-fun with this year’s cover!

By the way, here are the original pictures before I altered them:

Steampunk Flight by Zimfin (Deviant Art)

8 thoughts on “Fun with Picnik–Createspace covers

    • I used Bing but got some nasty viruses. BigWords88 suggested Creative Commons was less virus prone. Any-who, I just included “free image” in my search. Some I’m not quite sure were really free though. Bottom line though, I’m not using them for commercial purposes. I wouldn’t ever sell my books with these covers without being 100% sure. For my own personal proof copy and fun on my blog, I’m not overly concerned.

  1. Um … you did all that on CreateSpace? Dang! I’ma gonna half ta go out there! 😉 LWL needs a cover since it will go self-pub end of January if TWRP doesn’t pick it up! 🙂

    • No, not Createspace, but There’s a link in my post. And yes, YOU of all people should give it a whirl. You probably have tons of photos you own the rights to you can start with. I just love all their enhancements, editing, etc. Who needs Photoshop??? I just have the free level of membership and thought it more than adequate.

  2. Who needs Photoshop? *chokes* Next thing I know, people will be suggesting Maya is too complex for the needs of most people… 🙂

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