A Word With You Press “One Tight Write” Contest

The kind folks at A Word With You Press have now published all 3 of my drabble (stories of exactly 100 words) contest entries on their website, my latest being a new piece called “Secretly Broken“.  Links to all three can be found in my blog’s sidebar under “My Published Works”.  Two of the drabbles you may remember as NaNo warmup exercises where I had to incorporate a specific list of elements.

A Word with You Press is a terrific site, with very friendly editorial staff.  I encourage all to poke around and read the great stuff that I’ve already found there.

2 thoughts on “A Word With You Press “One Tight Write” Contest

  1. Kind? Moi? I was hoping for manly and macho, but I suppose I should take what I can get. Thanks! And thanks so much for pimping my site, my dear! Check out our new feature, a visitor’s map. People in Mongolia have read your stories!! And Costa Rica! and And Nigeria , and, and…oh just check it out. Your friends have until January 15th to enter their own contest, but quite honestly, you set the bar high with “Secretly Broken.” here are rules to enter: http://www.awordwithyoupress.com/2010/12/05/one-tight-write-our-new-contest-for-december-2/


  2. I was trying to be coy, but you’re absolutely right—-kind AND macho AND manly are far more apt descriptions. And I love that map thingy. I’m always checking it out, hovering over the dots, checking out where my employer’s dot showed up by setting it to US visitors within the past 1 minute. Shhhhh…..

    I love to pimp sites too, especially the writer-friendly ones. Thanks for visiting.

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