A Round of Words in 80 Days Progress Report

First check-in.  I’m on target thus far:

  1. ~500 words / day on Sins of Our Mothers first draft √√
  2. Complete first edit of My Fair Vampire
  3. Participate in AW’s Flash Fiction Challenge at least 3x / month
  4. Blog at least 4x / week (1-FFC, 2 & 3-80 days status, 4-Other) √√
  5. Enter 1 writing contest / month (not yet but plenty of time)

The only goal I’m going to tweak is #1.  I’m going to stick to 500 words per day but it doesn’t have to be for Sins of Our Mothers.  It can be either of the 2 stories I’m currently working on under other pen names.

All said and done, I’m doing well.  The toughest part has been the 500 words.  The internet is too distracting at times but usually once I get going, I’m fine.

I’m looking for a NaNoWriMo-like monthly calendar writing widget to color green if I make my goal, yellow if I come close and red if I miss.  Anyone?  Bueller?

I also log my daily activities on the ROW80 page I made.

Check out the Linky Tools index of progress reports from other intrepid ROW’ers.

Now, carry on!

6 thoughts on “A Round of Words in 80 Days Progress Report

  1. I agree that the 500 a day is a tough target. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but (quoting Mr. King) if they are to be 500 GOOD words, then it gets tougher. Good luck on all the goals.

    I also agree about the internet being a little distracting. I mean, here I am. But for me, it is a good distraction as long as the writing moves forward.

    Great post!


  2. Do you need a WORD count or perhaps a time count. I have found with the exception of the last two days that if I close all windows except for my online stop watch, set to 1 hour, I am pressured to FOCUS and can zap out words without worrying about ‘word’ count. That reaally helps the focus. 🙂
    Oh and YEAH for meeting your goals!!

    • I need both. I need to buy that time software that only lets you on the internet at pre-scheduled intervals AND I want a visual marker of my progress. I had one for NaNo on my blog as did Aheila. Don’t know who else besides NaNo has one. NaNo’s is disabled by now.

  3. Wow, you’re doing really well. To some people the 500 words might not seem much by themselves but you’ve had other goals as well, you’ve done a lot already.

    I would love a widget like that too, btw.

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