ROW80 wk4, rpt1

I’m happy to say I picked up the pace a bit, as reflected in my daily word counts.

I managed to break out My Fair Vampire for some editing during my lunch breaks at work.  I love this story and really need to clean it up and get it to beta readers soon.  I’m glad it’s part of my round 1 goals.  If I’d been more on the ball, I might have had it ready for the Amazon Breakthru Novel contest and killed two birds with one stone, but the first draft writing commanded more attention.  The pall of the unfinished NaNo novel, Sins of Our Mothers is like my own private sin of procrastination.

My January goals of 3 flash fictions and one contest submission are achieved.  I never had any doubts about achieving these, nor hitting 4 blog posts a week, especially considering 2 of them are for ROW80.

My stats are here.

A list of the other participants are here.  Please check in on a few and give them some words of encouragement.

6 thoughts on “ROW80 wk4, rpt1

  1. Thank you, ladies! Having goals and public accountability really helps as does the encouragement. Appreciate your support more than I can express.

    Maybe next year for the both of us, Claire.

    Reena, My Fair Vampire isn’t my NaNo. It just happens to be my only novel in second draft stage. My 2010 NaNo is Sins of Our Mothers (currently at 59k words) and it’s one of 3 “fresh” MSs I’m working on to get in my 500 words a day. I hope to have keyed “The End” for all 3 by the end of round 2 of ROW80 (so by late summer, hopefully). I have one MS in process for each of my 3 pen names. I know. I’m crazy.

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