ROW80 wk5, rpt2

I started preparing for this post thinking I’d had a bad week but after updating my stats, that really wasn’t the case.

Sure, I had a couple of back to back low word count days, but I usually get in a lot of words on the weekends.  If I at least try to write each day, that’s good enough when combined with a daily average that exceeds 500.  I added a nice short story to my anthology yesterday, which added a solid 3000 words to my weekly tally.

What I nearly lost site of, was the blogging 4x a week.  I posted a short story  piece, my 4th post, last night that I’d intended to post earlier in the week but somehow hadn’t gotten around to.  At least it’s up now, which means I met all my weekly goals.  My monthly ones are on track too.

Best part of all was I finished a long overdue beta read for a friend and have transferred almost half my notes to a comment log. (When you beta read on a Kindle, it’s a faster read, but the xfer of annotations is more tedious.  If anyone knows of a better way to get those notes out, let me know.)  I’d been way behind in my beta reading and critiquing.  I managed a few short critiques too.  Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s good to give back to the writing community.  Next round, this will be among my goals.

So here’s the Linky site that indexes the other ROW80 participants’ reports.  Give ’em some encouragement please.  Here’s a link to my stats.

8 thoughts on “ROW80 wk5, rpt2

  1. Sounds like a solid writing week, Claire! I’ve not made it to your page before, it’s beautiful! I look forward to poking around in here on a less busy moment 🙂 I like how you ‘felt it was a bad week’ and then realized you were knocking it out! Have a great day, and keep doing the great work!

  2. Surprise! You had a great week! 🙂 I have no suggestions for the beta reading. It is so much easier to spot things on the kindle and so much more of a pain in the butt to make notes. Good for you for helping out a fellow writer.

  3. well done on a full week – can’t help on the kindle still getting to grips with my sony- my friend gets mine part by part via e-mail – she corrects and comments and sends back- works well for us

  4. Yay fellow Claire! Doing crits and beta reads is a fabulous feeling, is it not? I love being able to give back to my writer friends and the writing community in general.

    Also, sounds like you had a solid word count this week! Well done! 😀

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