ROW80 wk 7, rpt 2

20060618 - the mess that is my computer right ...

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Disaster on the computer front.  My desktop computer melted down and would not boot on Wednesday evening.  I spent the rest of the week futzing around with it, recovering data.  I didn’t lose any of my work, but my main writing tool and location is kaput for now.

So routine, disrupted, I couldn’t bring myself to work on my in-process WIPs.  Instead,  I worked on a short story to submit for an anthology, 5000 words.  Specifically not allowed for meeting my new words goal but…it was writing time and under the circumstances, I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  I like my story, though it still needs some serious editing.

Rest of the goals are on track.

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8 thoughts on “ROW80 wk 7, rpt 2

  1. Well, I sympathize completely with putting the WIP on hold. I think we get into a comfortable, and productive groove in varying media, so when that media is off limits, it ties our hands, so to speak. Glad the story is still working out, one day at a time 🙂

    Hope this week brings better fortune :-)!

    • Thanks, Shari…indeed it is one day at a time. The groove will come back eventually, so I’m using the opportunity to explore a few new paths (which I need like a hole in the head LOL).

  2. Aw no, not the computer! I hate when that happens, the worry about losing stuff always puts me off. Hope next week goes better for you, although you did well with the short story so kudos.

    • Thanks, Claire. I’m happy I didn’t lose anything and my usual rhythm will come back, so I’m not gonna stress it other than the cost to fix or replace the hardware. Ugh. But then again, it was a windows Vista operating system, which we’ve always hated, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

  3. Yeah, I did a similar dance back in January. I lost about 300 words, but the several days of disruption while I salvaged data and settled in on a new-to-me computer was annoying. I’m still in not-my-office and still messing around with new software. But, writing time is still writing time! You got something done despite it all!

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