ROW80 wk8, rpt 1

Even though my desktop computer is still kaput, I pulled myself back into the saddle, using my netbook and the kids’ computer (sorry, kids!)  I got all my new words in, got my blog posts in, took a pass on the flash fiction this week but will get my third on the 28th.  I also posted my Ocean-themed short story for critique over at Scribophile.  I rather like it, though it’s still in need of some polishing.  If this anthology doesn’t take it, I’m sure I will try subbing it with various steampunk publishers.

I also managed to do some critiquing for others to pay it forward / earn karma.  I still owe some beta reads and critiques, but I’m making good progress.

Linky site for my other ROW80 colleagues is here.  Give them some love.

Link to my stats is here.

6 thoughts on “ROW80 wk8, rpt 1

  1. LOL @ robbing their computer, it’s for a good cause! My 6 year old reckons he wants a computer for Xmas (for what, I don’t know) and my first thought was, ooh, that might come in handy when my laptop messes up. 😀

    You’re doing great, you always seem to just get on with things. 🙂

    • Thanks, Claire. Yeah, the kids have to sacrifice for the cause. heh-heh. They are limited anyway because we use the Windows 7 parental settings to block their logins. But I have 24/7, neener-neener.

  2. Impressive!! (I like the shattered-mica-effect background here, by the way)
    Your progress is steady as usual (despite your computer hurdle, and I hope that gets fixed soon!!), and I think you end up doing more work than you think. Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Shari! I thought that background was rather fitting for my steampunk theme of late, glad you like it too.

      As many hours as I spend at my computer, I hope I have much to show for it. LOL But I do tend to waste too much on the web, on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Some is “research” but the rest is “networking”, right?

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