ROW80 wk 10, rpt 2

Just passed day 70!  Wow, only 10 more days to this round.  I can hardly believe it, but I’m sooo ready to set some new goals.

I made my goals this week, barely.  The writing got a little hijacked on Friday when I received a wonderful pair of emails–one telling me my erotica short story had been accepted into the anthology I’d submitted it for and the second containing a contract from the publisher.  Woo-hoo.  My second contract for an anthology.  Hopefully this time I actually make it into the final product.  I still have a sucking hole left by the first anthology I got cut from in the final edits…sigh.  That one should be hitting the shelves pretty soon.  I like to fantasize that I open it up and find my piece inside, stolen! but there nonetheless.  It’s kind of like seeing the boyfriend you didn’t marry, never mind that he was the one who did the dumping.

My final thought is about inspiration.  I tweeted about my sale and the nominal fee I’d receive, and a writer buddy tweeted back and said her first paid piece was for a post-apocalyptic short story.  I’d been wondering what my next short story would be about for my own anthology and bingo! I read her tweet and I knew, the whole story concept popped into my head.  Thank goodness, because that spurred me into writing some 1800 words yesterday, thus meeting my 500 / day average.

Link to my cumulative stats is here.

Link to the other ROW80 participants’  progress reports index is here.  Give my colleagues some encouragement if you have a chance.

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