Short Story Contest Entry–The Grassy Knoll Conspiracy of Westwood High

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Image by Adam Crowe via Flickr

The kind folks** at A Word With You Press have posted my short (as in under 350 words) story entry into “The Last Word” contest. My story is derived from a novel I’m writing under my YA pen name, Iris St. Clair, different story but same antagonist and circumstances.

My entry, “The Grassy Knoll Conspiracy of Westwood High” is in AWWYP’s post entitled “Hands On Guidance“.

While you’re there, check out the other stories and explore the site.  The great reads and talent you’ll find is amazing.


**A little bribery never hurts either.  Here’s my transmittal email to Thorn, the editor-in-chief:

Oh great and wise Mr. Thornton Sully, please accept my humble entry into The Last Word contest.  I have been and will continue to shamelessly pimp A Word With You Press on facebook, twitter, and in dark alleys (near Macy’s and Nordstrom’s).  I also regale the site on my blog and in my critique forums to all I can arm-twist, and yes, even blackmail, into reading my words.

Hopefully I can crank out two more entries before the deadline to up my chances for some kuhl prizes, cause that’s like totally reason #1 why I write.

P.S. You’re my favorite Editor-in-Chief at A Word With You Press.  Shhhhh….

P.S.S. Thanks for the kind mention in the results post of the last contest.