ROW80 Round One Final Report / Recap


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Woo-hoo!!!  Eighty days down for the count and we’ve finished up round one.   Here’s my recap:

Goal 1:  Write an average of 500 words per day on any of my three WIPs.

  • Anthology=28,779 words over 26 writing days
  • Sins  = 5528 words over 10 writing days
  • Ellen = 22,374 over 29 writing days
  • Grand total = 56,681 over 65 writing days but 80 days in the round, which is 872 words daily average on writing days, 708 words daily average over the entire round.
  • GOAL = MET!!!

Goal2:  Complete first edit of My Fair Vampire

  • GOAL = MET!!!

Goal 3:  Participate in AW’s Flash Fiction Challenge at least 3x / month

  • GOAL = MET!!!

Goal 4:  Blog at least 4x / week (1-FFC, 2 & 3-80 days status, 4-Other)

  • Missed one week with only 3 posts
  • 3 weeks with 5 posts
  • GOAL = MET!!! (The exceeded outweighed the miss, so I’m calling it a Met)

Goal 5:  Enter 1 writing contest / month

  • Jan = 2
  • Feb = 2
  • Mar = 4
  • GOAL = MET!!!

I am made of awesomeness!!

Enough about me.  Go here to check out the other participants’ awesomeness!  Then it’s rest and planning time for a few weeks before we start round two.  Who else is in?

16 thoughts on “ROW80 Round One Final Report / Recap

  1. And I second that awesomeness !! Great job Claire !!
    I think you’ve mastered the writing self-discipline thingie , down to a fine art !!

  2. Holy crap. You ARE amazing! You met your goals! I think you’re the first one I’ve seen where you actually met your goals. Brilliant work. How are you going to top this for the next round? 😛 Just kidding. Don’t put that pressure on yourself.

    • Really? First one? Wow… I do feel terrific for sticking with it. Thank you so much for stopping by and offering the encouraging words!! 🙂 Not sure about the next round. In some ways I feel like I should do more, in others think I need to keep it realistic and not NaNo-like.

  3. I’m not mad, this *waves arms* is all different, isn’t it?

    Congrats on meeting all your goals, you writing hero, you. 😀 Ugh, I hate when I’m not the most awesome Claire around. 😉

    • What you talkin’ ’bout, “not the most awesome Claire around”? Says who??? (Psst…Claire’s not my real name, so if it’s yours, you’re still the numero uno Claire.) And yes, I did change the old blog theme. The brown was taxing on a some readers so it was time for a change. Thanks for the kind comment. See ya next round I hope.

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