AW Flash Fiction — “Champagne” — 3/20/11

Murganheira Bottle of sparkling wine.

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Oops, so many posts in the past few days, I almost forgot to post my Sunday night flash. It’s VERY short because I had company show up about five minutes after I started. Excuses made, here she is:


“It’s not champagne unless it’s made in Champagne, France.”

“What’s this we’re drinking then?”

“Sparkling wine.”

“Well that sounds rather low rent doesn’t it? I think it’s a French conspiracy.”

“To do what?”

“Corner the market. Raise the prices. Laugh at us behind our backs.”

“Paranoid much?”

“Cynical maybe, but not paranoid.”

“Yes you are. Don’t deny it.”

“Fine. Whatever. Oh, I bought a new car yesterday.”

“What’d you get?”

“A Toyota.”

“You should have bought American.”


“To thwart the Japanese plot to take over the world.”

6 thoughts on “AW Flash Fiction — “Champagne” — 3/20/11

    • Stealth Commenter Ryan!! Welcome! LOL I think a lot of people have had those thoughts but perhaps are more careful in whose company they voice their xenophobic thoughts.

    • Dude! I know! I’m surprised I wrote anything. I had like 5 minutes then company showed up. I swooped back in at nearly the end of the 90 minutes, added a sentence and posted. Whew! It’s really more like a joke than a story, but eh….

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