ROW80-2 wk 1, rpt 2

I’m back from vacation but am now out of town on business until late Wednesday.  I had one day to decompress but I made the most of it (between loads of laundry, some catchup work-work, replacing a lost ATM card, grocery shopping, housekeeping, etc)

I rallied on my trip home from San Diego and at home yesterday.  Given that my Monday through Thursday was spend doing family stuff, I think I did okay, having written about 2200 words and critiqued 70 pages of a 400+ page manuscript.

I haven’t touched my to-be-edited manuscript yet but I have eighty days to go through the three sets of beta comments and incorporate their suggestions, the most odious but necessary of which is to tweek the ending…again.  It’s good but too abrupt, like I rushed through it, which in hind sight, I did.  I accept that criticism and will expand the ending somewhat.  No problem.  I kind of look forward to playing with Dori and Donovan in the near future.

My stats page is here.

Linky for other ROW80 participants is here.  Give my colleagues some encouragement if you can.

6 thoughts on “ROW80-2 wk 1, rpt 2

  1. With as much traveling as you’re doing, sounds like you did great!

    Ug. Endings. Yeah. I always have to slow waaay down at the end. I think my ending re-write record stands at 4 major revisions. Good luck with yours!

    • 4! yikes! But I can see it being true for me too. It’s hard not to sprint for that finish line when you turn that last curve. Oy! I need to take your advice and force myself to slow down and savor those last few moments.

  2. Holy Buckets, woman – that is some Mighty progress on the word counts! I too, have ‘endings’ issues, but I doubt the ending will keep you down for long.

    Go get ’em, tiger 😉

  3. hehe I have the opposite problem; my epilogue was the second part of my book I wrote, so I’ll most likely have to keep an eye on the middle sections, some of which are a bit dodgy because I just wanted to get them written. 2200 words is a nice achievement for this week though 🙂

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