The “Suspicious Gopher” and other family legends

If you haven’t seen this clip, you’ve probably been living under a rock or have extremely bad internet service.

Alright already.  It’s actually called “The Dramatic Chipmunk”.

I’ll start off by saying it’s not my fault I can’t remember the name of the clip.  First, off, it’s a prairie dog NOT a chipmunk.  There’s a world of difference.  Prairie dogs are much bigger and nastier than chipmunks.  In New Mexico, where I used to live, they were known to carry bubonic plague (yes, really) and made nasty pock marks all over kids’ playgrounds.

Second, it looks more suspicious or suspecting than dramatic to me.

Anyway, my failure to remember the correct name has achieved legendary status with my two sons and my oldest asked me to preserve my gaffe on my blog.  Fine.  Here it is.

Over the years I have referred to said “dramatic chipmunk” as, ahem:

  • The suspicious gopher
  • The surly groundhog
  • The dubious guinea pig
  • The grouchy hamster
  • The skeptical squirrel
  • The pretentious prairie dog
  • The outraged rodent
  • The pugnacious beaver (that’s good for a few howls from my husband…what?!)

…and I’m sure there were a few more.

Wait til my boys bring their girlfriends over.  I’m sure I’ll be ready to dethrone the suspicious gopher and crown something else “Mom’s stupid saying” only next time it’ll be about one of THEM.  Mwuhahahahaha….  Can’t say they weren’t warned.  **cue dramatic music**  Da-da-daaaaaaaaaa

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    • Well, like most viral stuff, it’s often quickly forgotten too. This is from 2007. Have you seen the “Honey badger by Randall” clip? That and Rebecca Black are the latest viral jokes at my house. Tosh.0 features many of them.

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