ROW80-2, wk 3, rpt 2

I have a new secret weapon and it’s called Write or Die from    Well, it’s not so secret for many other people, of course, but for me it’s been a godsend because I am VERY easily distracted by the web.  With Write or Die, I set this baby for a 30 minute increment, set a goal of anywhere from 300 to 500 words, depending on where I’m at, and GO!  I have exceeded my goals every time.  The screen starts to turn red if your hands are idle too long.  I can’t have that so I write and write and write and before I know it, I’m at 500 words with 18 minutes left to go or the alarm goes off at 30 minutes and I’ve written 900 words.  Heavens to murgatroid!  I’m a writing goddess with this tool.

I got all my words in this week.  Still no beta reading, though I managed a couple of small critiques.  My critique debt is massive, however, and I feel guilty about it but I feel compelled to write more than edit or beta read right now so I’ll probably stick with this until I smell the smoke of burnout.

My cumulative stats are updated on my ROW80-2 page.

Linky for the other ROW80 participants is up and ready for you to share the encouragement with my peers.  Thanks for the read!

6 thoughts on “ROW80-2, wk 3, rpt 2

    • I don’t know, Diane. I’m too a-scaredt to find out. There are all kinds of warnings on the site and your can set the punishment levels and the strictness levels. Seriously. I think it blasts a nude picture of me all over the web. Shudder. With that kind of threat, I’ll be able to write TWO NaNo novels this November…and so will everyone else if only to stay off the web in case I fail.

  1. I’ve heard about Write or Die. After a while, it will start erasing if you don’t keep typing. Scary. Good for you though. I couldn’t do it. Good job getting in all your words this week. Eventually I’ll have something done that needs critiquing.

  2. I’ve never tried Write or Die, but I know many people love it. I think it would be way too stressful for me!

    Keep on keeping on, Writing Goddess!

    • Thanks! It can get a little stressy when the screen starts to glow red. Gets me writing…anything just to write, not necessarily good though. We’ll see how it reads in the light of day.

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