Good news and bad news

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The good news is I received a check in the mail today for…wait for it…$12.75!  This is the fee I earned for selling a 5100 word short story for $0.0025 per word.  Yes, that’s two zeroes immediately following the decimal point, as in 1/4 of one penny per painstakingly selected word.  I am officially a (meagerly) PAID author AND since my piece exceeded 5000 words, I’ll receive a free print copy of the anthology that contains my work. Woo-hoo.  No, that should be WOO-HOO!! and I mean that without any trace of sarcasm.

The bad news is two-pronged as well.  First, I’ve spent $10 (with no forthcoming royalty rights) downloading an e-copy for myself and one as a slightly belated birthday gift for my father.

Second, I’m not as proud of my work as I should be, as I want to be.  I read it last night on the heels of one of the other stories by an author I “know”.  It’s like sewing the most beautiful dress you can imagine to the best of your abilities and proudly showing up at prom only to realize it looks painfully homemade next to the sequined gowns of the other ladies.  😦  Dotted swiss with rick rack trim seemed like a good idea at the time.

On the other hand, I don’t know too many folks who would have the nerve (or cluelessness) to submit a comedic story for a horror/erotica anthology.  I’ll give myself a few chutzpah points for that to tip the scale to the positive side.  After all, my silly nature did net me a Silverback and a couple of smart aleck kids.  Oh…wait…

17 thoughts on “Good news and bad news

  1. Congratulations!

    I’m certain that no author is ever 100% pleased with her work, and that the feeling of quasi-disappointment is always strongest right after publication. Keep writing. Keep submitting. It’s a good story, one that you should be *giggle, blush, sigh* PROUD of. 🙂

    • Thanks, Hillary. I know I will always be one of those who is NEVER completely happy with my stuff and the longer the piece the more opportunities to pick it apart. I’d never published anything this long before, my others being less than a 1000 words. Heaven help me the day I publish a 95,000 word novel!

  2. Bah! A sale’s a sale!

    I considered rereading my first “sale” the other day…and decided against it. Nothing I can do about it now, so why torture myself? 😉

  3. Congrats on publication, Claire … but I think you’re being a little harsh on yourself. Writer’s are ALWAYS their own worst critics, and we always believe we can/need to do better than we do. It’s in the hands of the readers now (and I’m one of ’em–ha!), let them (me :)) decide. 🙂

    • Maybe, but I can and will do better next time. That’s always been my mantra. Katherine and Hillary are right…shouldn’t have read it again within its context. I won’t do that again. I’ll take my lumps from the readers now. There’s no more safety net now that it’s “out there” in its memorialized form. Moving on…

  4. I think I’ve been in Ellen’s head a bit too long. Those who’ve been critiquing my YA novel’s chapters will know what I mean. That prom dress in the picture accompanying the post?…very similar to the one I made back in the 70’s for my Junior prom…and my date was gay, but still in the closet. LOL He’s not any more, bless his heart.

  5. Hey, now, none of this down talk! If all of the stories in the book were the same, it’d be pretty darn boring. You beat out who knows how many hundreds of others who submitted, and the editors loved yours. It’s a great story, no hack-job by an amature “seemstress” 🙂 Confidence, girl! 😀

  6. I’m envious. I’m still doing it for free (being the silly cow I am). Many, many congrats on the sale! And hey, if it’s any consolation, I enjoy your sense of humor. 🙂

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