Eighth Annual Binnacle Ultra-short competition results are Up!

And I am on the list of honorees!!  I’ve taken the liberty of color-coding my entry in red.  From the site, the honorees were chosen from “950 entries from twenty-two countries and six continents.”  Wow!

From the Binnacle site:

Eighth Annual Ultra-Short Competition – 2010-11

Our Four Winners

Prize for Poetry
SuzAnne C. Cole – Granite Woman
UMM Student Prize
Myra Merritt – Wonderland and Oz Collide
Prize for Prose Poetry
Shannon Schuren – Puddings
Prize for Prose
Philip Simondet – Grocery List

Our Fifty-Three Honorable Mentions

Greg Beatty – Homage
F.J. Bergmann – Containers
Jen Campbell – Catwoman
Kathleen J Clauson – Survival by Shamrock
Zachary Cole – Grey
Sue Ann Connaughton – Baby Love
Amy Corbin – Dear Mr. Barlow
Robert Craig – New Life
Carol Leonetti Dannhauser – Family Portrait
Susan Desrocher – Fire Lilies
Mike DiChristina – Old Lovers
Christina Wos Donnelly – Love Song
Anne Earney – One Side of Things
Meg Eden – with stacking,
Rachel Fenton – Inherited
Andy Fogle – One Ring
Claire Gillian – TSA Urban Legend #4
Tammy Guzman – Postpartum
Maryanne Hannan – Soft Skills for Today’s Job Market
Tania Hershman – In Memoriam
Kasey Hewett – Dehydrated
Debbie Okun Hill – Before Our Future Wrinkles
Sylvia Hiven – No Choice
Christopher Irvin – The Man in the Cold
Julie “Jules” Jacob – Night Games
Cassidy Jones – Two of a Kind
Oonah Joslin – Death of the Father
Clare Kirwan – The Tattoo
Ellen LaFleche – Love on the Rocks
Ruth Lehrer – Lion Winter
Melissa Lindstrum – All I Have of His Is This Navy Reserve Sewing Kit
Katherine Lopez – Neat Gardens with a Sudden Rose
Adam Lucas – True Story
Barb McMakin – Breakfast of Champions
Caroline Michalicki – No Need
David Mohan – Reduce
Kari Nguyen – The Dispensary
Alysson Parker – Black-Eyed Susan
Barbara Fleming Phillips – Living Will
Meagan Reeves – Fairy Wings
Jun de la Rosa – Mangoes
Lynn Veach Sadler – After You’re Dead
Maureen Sherbondy -The Princess Strikes Out On Her Own
Jennifer Sirrico – The Ride
Diane Smith – Can You?
Jenna Pashley Smith – Bala Perdita
Dawn Sperber – Heart Games
Scott T. Starbuck – We Are Not Mermaids
Erik Svehaug – Myth or Mom
Ann Swann – Aftermath
Donna Turello – Karma
Mercedes Yardley – Blossom Bones
Melissa Yuan-Innes – Hunting and Gathering on Earth

6 thoughts on “Eighth Annual Binnacle Ultra-short competition results are Up!

    • Thanks. Crazy huh! We were allowed up to 2 entries each so you could somewhat adjust the number of writers down from 950 but not the # of pieces to read. Interestingly, of my 2, they picked the funny one, not the gritty, dramatic one. And here I’d been complaining about NPR 3 min fiction contest neglecting humorous pieces and wondering / bemoaning if that was universal.

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