#ROW80 Rd 3, Wk 6, rpt 1

Similar to last week, it’s been mostly about the superhero novella, trying to wrap it up so I can submit by the September 1st deadline.  I rewrote most of the ending and am much happier with it now.

My cumulative statistics are on my ROW80-3 page.

The Linky site lists other participants’ progress reports.  Give them some encouragement too.

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Rd 3, Wk 6, rpt 1

  1. Great job on the novella, Claire. I had to laugh at your notes on your first goal–been there, done that! I love the flexibility of ROW80–if the goal ain’t working, chuck it!

    You’re doing great; I hope you have a wonderful, productive rest of the week!

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