#ROW80 Rd 3, Wk 9, rpt 1

I am made of awesome sauce this week…so far.

Today my Christmas short story was accepted by the publisher I submitted it to on Monday.  Yay!

Got my publisher requested edits to my Halloween short story done and sent back.  Yay!

My other publisher and I worked on and finished the cover for my debut novel.  Yay!

I have made wonderful edits to said novel, having slogged my way to chapter 5 via Autocrit (great online program I highly recommend for self-editing).  I have fallen in love with my characters all over again, thinking about them long into the night before nodding off.  Yay!

I enjoyed my time alone while the Silverback took our young’uns rafting and camping for five days.  I watched a chick flick (twice!) and took my doggie on a loooong walk on Monday to sufficiently poop the pair of us.  My boys are on their way home and will arrive in a few more hours.  I have a pan of brownies, mysteriously missing a corner notch, waiting for them.  Yay!

My cumulative statistics are on my ROW80-3 page.

The Linky site lists other participants’ progress reports.  Give them some encouragement too.  Yay!

6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Rd 3, Wk 9, rpt 1

    • Thank you, Cate! It is nice to finally see some fruits of years of hard work and study. Luck is great and always plays a role, but deserving feels better than lucky, ya know?

  1. Whoo-hoo, you are indeed made of awesomesauce this week! So happy to hear that things are going well. Have a great rest of the week. 😀

  2. Wow, congrats on an excellent week! You’ve certainly worked hard enough for it! 🙂 That was a quick acceptance on the holiday story – if only all publishers were that prompt…

    • Thank you, Silver! Evernight has been super fast for both of my stories they accepted. I too wish they were all this fast. The Evernight peeps have been incredibly lovely to work with thus far. It has indeed been an excellent week. Now if Samhain and Pill Hill would be kind enough to send similar acceptances, I’d push the giddy off the charts. 🙂

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