I Love My New Blog Header!!

It’s the little things in life that thrill, especially when they’re free.  🙂

I tried to find information about the artist, but his profile only gave his birthday (10-27-78).  That’s it.  No full name, no place of origin, nothing.  The copyright info from the site where I found the picture is at the bottom of the page in the black section.  I’ll be searching for more of Pavlovpr’s (think it’s a he) work for sure.

The model is Susana Zabaleta, a Mexican singer and actress.

8 thoughts on “I Love My New Blog Header!!

    • LOL…I didn’t even notice that. She’s on a background he’s enhanced with watercolors, so I’m gonna go with “artistic license” to balance out the colors left and right. On the other hand, you notice she has no legs either. Could have been a horrific wood chipper accident someone’s pulled her away from, legs first. I still love it cause it’s got pretty colors. 🙂 I got another, steampunky one in blue I did too. I may set the blog to rotate the different headers for different pages, a really cool feature of this particular theme.

  1. Just read Aimee’s comment. LOL It does look like she’s bleeding out in the snow and laughing about it. You morbid woman, you! I have to admit it does look pretty though. 🙂

  2. HAHAHA! Are you sure you and Aimee don’t write horror? Thanks, now that’s all I see, a hilarious wood chipper accident, at least to her.

    “What? I have no legs? HAHAHA! They always said I danced like I Have two left feet, now I’ll dance like I have no feet…”

    But, seriously, all the gory talk aside, it makes a great header.

    • I was just thinking of wood chippers eating people this AM, believe it or not, wondering…probably shouldn’t share this…at what point, you’d pass out if you went in (by accident) feet first. It happens. Stupid people trying to push limbs in further without turning it off first. I don’t usually write horror…but I have…and obviously, I am quite capable of macabre thoughts. Fargo anyone??

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