Email subscribers now migrated!

Praise be to the WordPress dot com and/or dot org gods for they have migrated my email subscribers (blog and comments) to the new server location installation of my blog.

Thank you to WordPress and thank you to YOU, dear subscribers. I appreciate you to pieces!

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I Love My New Blog Header!!

It’s the little things in life that thrill, especially when they’re free.  🙂

I tried to find information about the artist, but his profile only gave his birthday (10-27-78).  That’s it.  No full name, no place of origin, nothing.  The copyright info from the site where I found the picture is at the bottom of the page in the black section.  I’ll be searching for more of Pavlovpr’s (think it’s a he) work for sure.

The model is Susana Zabaleta, a Mexican singer and actress.