Book Trailer for The P.U.R.E.

And here we go! Finally, I can show you the book trailer for The P.U.R.E., my debut novel releasing April 16, 2012.

Alas, WordPress has taken away the ability to imbed a video in a post without paying for that privilege, so a faux-imbed (ie-a link) will have to do.

Click me to see The P.U.R.E. book trailer

A Claire Gillian Production (with a nod to The Office’s Michael Scott Productions–“I made it on my Mac”) because I whined to my publisher about how much I loved making them, especially finding the right music.  So, if it sucks it’s my fault, not my publisher’s.  LOL  (I hope it’s better than Michael’s though.)

14 thoughts on “Book Trailer for The P.U.R.E.

    • Ah yes, another Francis Cura fan, I do remember you telling me this. Actually he could be a ringer for Jon (except for eye color) because like Francis, who is either all or half, Jon is half Italian. Rrrowwrrr!


    • Thanks. I thoroughly enjoy making them, though I can get a little too anal at times with them.

      I made another one for the PURE 2 yrs ago but that was with Windows Movie Maker and it was a walking copyright violation. This time I fired up iMovie for the first time on my less than 1 yr old Mac. I will definitely be making more trailers in the future for my WIPs just because it’s such a fun and colossal way to waste time and procrastinate from writing and editing.

  1. I like this kinda novel! Mystery, suspense and a little sex……and a heroine who figures out something’s not right. Wishing you great success with the debut, Claire! Great trailer and cover!

  2. Wow! I loved the trailer, Claire!
    You’re quite a tech-savvy gal… way to go!
    I love the mystery/suspense/thriller stories & look forward to your novel! 🙂

    • Thank you! Make you one! They’re so much fun. This was the second one I made for The PURE. I plan to make them for other stuff too, just for fun. (Like I need more hobby stuff to whittle away at my time).

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